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ILTA Solutions Spotlight Session- Is your firm Technologically Competitive?

  • Thursday, August 21, 2014
  • 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM (CDT)
  • Bayou C Conference Room - Gaylord, Nashville TN
Clients are increasingly asking about the technological competence of their prospective outside counsel; they know that firms will all provide good legal advice, and are now looking for differentiating points in their selection process. They want to know that their work will be done efficiently by attorneys.

Have you ever wondered how other firms are addressing this challenge? This question was the impetus for the formation of LTC4, whose members came together to establish core competency standards for attorneys and staff, and create an industry standard that are applicable to all firms.

With over 60 law firm members in the US, Europe and Canada, LTC4 has created core competencies covering common legal technology workflows. These core competencies are the foundation for up-skilling programs that leads to industry-recognized certification, differentiating your firm via efficiencies and client service.

During this session a panel of LTC4 members of will discuss:

  • Why industry standard legal technology core competencies are key in the current competitive climate
  • How LTC4 Core Competencies can be used to demonstrate technological efficiency to clients and prepare for the tech audit
  • The LTC4 Core Competencies development process
  • How Core Competencies are used to build internal proficiency
  • How and why to gain key stakeholder buy-in for up-skilling attorneys/staff
  • Tips for implementing a core competency up-skilling program
  • LTC4 Certification process and how your firm can become an LTC4 member
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