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LTC4 Core Competencies and Certification – No Mystery and Real Value!

Friday, November 17, 2017 8:33 AM | Jean Nakatani (Administrator)

The cost of LTC4 Membership is miniscule when you consider the value.  There were initially "free" firms who created the core competencies.  Now, all LTC4 members get cumulative renewal discounts and discounts for every volunteer effort. LTC4 core competencies were created by 46 firms across 3 countries by 95 IT, training, HR and legal professionals.  Each competency was created by one group and fully vetted by an independent group, creating an industry standard.


Imagine the cost of hiring 95 professionals from IT, training, HR and legal in the US, Canada and UK, and paying their salary and benefits for several months.  The 6-figure value of LTC4 core competencies has yielded certification and CLE to thousands of legal professionals, in several versions of core applications.   The core competencies have been continually vetted by firms across the globe.  Law firms and corporate counsel want to know the value of certification.


There is no mystery – Join the LTC4 movement, get the core competencies, earn certification, and see the value. 

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