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LTC4 Announces Expedited Certifications

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 7:20 PM | Jean Nakatani (Administrator)

The demand for LTC4 Certification is growing, and so is the demand for accelerated turnaround for Course Mapping Verification and Certification Applications. LTC4 is proud to announce Expedited Course Mapping Verification or Certification Application Review for a small administrative fee of $450.00. This expedited service guarantees a 2-week turnaround time for both Course Mapping Verifications and Certification Applications.  Certification is still free on the current schedule - submit this month, reviewed by the end of next month – but for those of you who require a faster process – it’s here.  Just request an Expedited Course Mapping Verification ($450.00) or an Expedited Certification Application ($450.00) and see your results within 2 weeks.


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