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Law Firm, Legal Department and Law School Membership:

The subscription membership is on a firm-wide basis. Member firms receive the Core Competencies and access to the best practices that originate from the group. LTC4 is also valuable to sole practitioners and very small firms through training offerings provided by our vendors. The benefits and commitments are specified below. 


Member Benefits

  • Access to the Core Competencies (in Word/Excel format) and any on-going work product
  • Members may train to these Core Competencies using any type of product or method
  • Access to the LTC4 website (up to 5 sign-ins) for the following online resources:
    • Core Competencies
    • Up-skilling best practices
    • A members forum for feed-back, new ideas, new technologies, etc.
  • Participation in:
    • Local chapter (east coast/west coasts/UK) events/seminars
    • Quarterly webinars to discuss upcoming workflows and Core Competencies
    • Annual conferences of all LTC4 members
  • Members may submit suggestions to refine existing core competencies or create new core competencies
  • Members may apply for LTC4 Certification when they are ready. They may not say publicly that they are using LTC4 core competencies until they are certified

Vendor Membership:

Please contact us at for more information about Vendor Membership.

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